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Osimhen should be barred from Super Eagles, says ex-international Peterside Idah

Osimhen should be barred from Super Eagles, says ex-international Peterside Idah

Ex-Nigerian Super Eagles goalie Peterside Idah urged the Nigeria Football Federation to sanction Victor Osimhen following his social media tirade against former coach George Finidi, who allegedly accused the striker of lacking patriotism.

A storm brewed between Nigerian football star, Victor Osimhen and the recently departed coach, Finidi George. Osimhen’s fury erupted on a live Instagram session, where he vehemently denied accusations of feigning injury to avoid national duty. 

He claimed to have sustained a legitimate injury, kept Finidi informed, and even offered to stay with the team for support. Osimhen’s outrage stemmed from reported comments by Finidi suggesting he wouldn’t beg the striker to play. In Osimhen’s eyes, this cast doubt on his dedication to the Super Eagles.

Peterside Idah

The Nigerian public was sharply divided. Some stood firmly behind Osimhen, applauding him for defending his honor. Others, however, felt his outburst was a disrespectful tirade against a legendary figure like Finidi.

One of those annoyed by Osimhen’s outburst is former Nigeria international Peterside Idah who in a video response to the Napoli striker’s outburst called for him to be made to apologise to Finidi, the country, and also be heavily sanctioned or barred from the team. 

“You (Osimhen) need to come out openly and apologize for the things you said to Finidi. Finidi George is a legend, for you to just wag your mouth and say things unpalatable, if you have issues with Finidi, pick up the phone and call him, that’s what responsible people do. What you just showed is a bit of irresponsibility, you just showed that’s unexpected from you, I think the NFF should call Victor Osimhen and ask him to apologize,” Peterside Idah said in a video posted on social media.

“He has to apologize for ranting and just saying things. Our national team is sacred. Days when we wore this jersey, we respected it and the people who wore it before us. He’s not the first neither would he be the last.

“He (Osimhen) kept saying things without control, he should come out openly and apologize to formal footballers, apologize to the NFF, apologize to Finidi, and apologize to Nigerians. I think action should be taken or he should be barred from playing for the national team because if we allow this kind of thing to continue, it will not augur well for Nigeria. This is a call so that sanity will be brought to our football. 

“I think the NFF president, the sports minister must call these young players to order. They can’t just talk like that because they have phones, and followers on social media. I think this nonsense must stop. We demand an apology from Victor Osimhen.”

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