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Osayi-Samuel may avoid fine for punching Trabzonspor fans

Osayi-Samuel may avoid fine for punching Trabzonspor fans

Super Eagles and Fenerbahce star, Bright Osayi-Samuel, could avoid being fined for misconduct after he was captured on tape punching several Trabzonspor fans who encroached on the pitch.

The encroachment happened in a Super Sunday Turkish Super Lig clash between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce. Visitors, Fenerbahce emerged 3-2 winners after Mishy Batshuayi grabbed a late winner in the 87th minute.

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Fenerbahce players stayed back after the game to celebrate the victory with the travelling fans and while that was going on, a section of the home fans encroached on the pitch and attacked Fenerbahce players and officials. Several Fenerbahce players and officials retaliated.

Osayi-Samuel with Fenerbahce fans

A Trabzonspor fan punched Dominik Livakovic while another attacked Mert Müldür with a corner post stick. Fenerbahçe’s Batshuayi kicked a fan who entered the field while Bright Osayi-Samuel fought with a fan who entered the field and was also captured landing a flying punch on a Trabzonspor fan. 

The event has raised a lot of talking points across the global footballing community and while Fenerbahce fans hailed Osayi-Samuel as a brave hero who stood his ground against the attack, the player might be penalized for his conduct. 

Turkish Sports Lawyer, Fatih Şaşıoğlu, believes the Professional Football Disciplinary Board (PFDK) will impose fines such as behind closed doors games on Trabzonspor while players such as Batshuayi, Jayden Oosterwolde, and Osayi-Samuel may miss games. 

“I believe that Trabzonspor will be fined and punished for playing without spectators due to the actions carried out by Trabzonspor fans entering the competition area by the continuation paragraph of Article 52 of the Instruction, the electronic tickets of spectators who enter the block or blocks where the fans involved in the incidents are located may be blocked for a certain number of competitions,” the renowned sports lawyer told Fanatik.

According to Fatih Şaşıoğl, Osayi-Samuel and Jayden Oosterwolde may luckily escape fines on technicalities.

“Sanctions against Bright Osayi-Samuel and Jayden Oosterwolde, who were seen in the video footage fighting fans will be evaluated according to the purpose for which the players carried out these actions. 

“Self-defense provisions are regulated in Criminal Procedure Law. The person; It has been determined as a rule that no punishment will be given for actions taken to repel an unfair attack on a right belonging to oneself or someone else, which is certain to occur or be repeated, in a proportionate manner according to the current conditions. 

“However, for an action to be considered as self-defense, it depends on these conditions being met fully and completely.”

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