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OPINION: Leave Daniel De Bull Amokachi alone!

OPINION: Leave Daniel De Bull Amokachi alone!

By Emmanuel Babayaro

According to the Hadith in Islam, it says’zato zunubi, ko ma zaton gaskiya ne’ . Translated; Assumption is a sin, even if the assumption is correct.

Unfortunately and sad, Assumptions happen to be the best stock in Trade of the average Nigerian. Hardly do you ever see Nigerians make comments based on facts.

I just noticed the shamefully wrong assumptions and comments been peddled about DANIEL DE BULL AMOKACHI concerning his absence from the Super Eagles camp in Uyo.

First, the man had to endure the many bashings and unappealing comments that greeted his appointment, unfortunately some of the comments emanating from supposed colleagues in the game, now its his absence from the eagles Uyo camp and the NEVER SEE GOOD people are at it again.

Nobody has bothered to find out and know the facts before commenting and condemning the innocent man whose only sin as yet is the acceptance to serve Fatherland no matter the capacity, a stance, even I knock him for.

Naysayers and Opportunist Insult Mongers, here is your fact;

DANIEL DE BULL AMOKACHI was appointed super Eagles assistant coach under these conditions;
a. No Salary.
b. His Appearance in any Super Eagles engagement is on NEEDS BASIS and subject to the Head coach’s discretions .

How demeaning can these conditions be, you tell me.

Well Daniel De Bull Amokachi said yes to the appointment as the super eagles assistant coach but an EMPHATIC NO to the demeaning conditions attached thereto. And yes, the conditions were only just communicated recently.

Now that you have your facts and saved from unnecessary and narrow one sided assumptions, go ahead with your comments.

My only plea is to allow us concentrate on our game against South Africa tomorrow, unnecessary distractions are detrimental.

Thank you. #Walk with God! #Mazaaa!

  • Emmanuel Babayaro is a member of the Atlanta 1996 Olympics gold-winning squad

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